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Virtual world: how not to drown in social networks

No matter how safe and attractive the virtual world may seem, it is very easy to lose touch with reality in it. Psychologist, specialist in emotional-figurative therapy, Julia Panfilova, tells how dangerous the full departure of the world of social networks is and how it is not a gap in it.

Social networks are the need of the modern world, but only to us to decide what role they will play in our life and how to use them: as a means of self -expression, the implementation of the need to belong to the interest group, approval, undergoing in life, or avoiding reality.

What is the danger of complete departure to the world of social networks and virtual space?

1. Man is a social being. Internet resources are not enough to effectively exist in the world. Real communication is a source of powerful positive emotions. For example, if in infancy they are not suitable for a child, they rarely pay attention to him (as often happens in orphanages and other state institutions), children develop worse, get sick more, and in some cases they even die.

2. For those for whom communication on social networks is more important than real communication, there is a greater risk of depression. If for a person, leaving for social networks is a way to avoid reality, then sooner or later this reality will overtake him. In this case, perhaps, you should think about how to touch her now, and not run away.

3. Loss of flexible communicative skills. In the modern world, they are appreciated above other qualities, their development helps to become more successful in work, personal life, in building relationships with other people. Reducing the time of real communication with people

Malo je žena danas konfigurirano za dizajniranje smještaja u Uniji. Malo je predstavnika slabog spola u stanju Farmacija Hrvatska 24 u čovjeku koji još nije postigao ništa, um, snalažljivost, odgovornosti i druge pozitivne osobne osobine. Previše je teško i zahtijeva prisutnost analitičkih vještina, moralnih principa i drugih stvari.

, you can seriously worsen your communicative skills.

4. When you make a choice in favor of virtual space, loved ones may be deprived of your attention. And this, in turn, can lead to a deterioration in relations with them and strengthen your feeling of loneliness. Unfortunately, we often do not realize how important it is for others to communicate with us, but for many it really may not be enough for him.

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